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Sunday, 20 Oct 2019

Intiem & Intimacy4us Target Market & Readership

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Product Offering
  • INTIEM magazine (established 2006) is an Afrikaans, niche magazine dedicated to making marriage great. It is designed to cater for the Afrikaans, married, Christian couple.
  • ABC certified.
  • Winner of a highly commended PICA accolade (2008).
  • 35 000 print circulation. 
  • Distributed to all gynaecologists and urologists nationally.
  • Available @ most branches of SPAR, Exclusive Books, CNA, Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Checkers, Shell and Engen garages and Dis-Chem as well as selected pharmacies and other independent retailers.

The INTIEM reader:

  • 98% of readers apply the information they read in INTIEM magazine
  • 98% of readers are white Afrikaans women
  • 98% of readers like INTIEM’S handbag size
  • 95% of readers read at least 80% or more of the content
  • 87% of readers are married
  • Age:
    • 81% of readers are aged 25 to 49
    • 10% of readers are aged 18 to 24
    • 9% of readers are aged 50 to 64
  • 87% of readers use Facebook frequently
  • 78% of readers have children
  • 46% of readers read the magazine with their spouses:
  • Reaching BOTH decision-makers in the household
  • LSM 8-10
  • 97% of readers keep the magazine as a point of reference
  • 92% of readers read the advertisements AND/OR buy the products advertised
  • 88% of readers share their magazine with two other people

  • INTIMACY4US.CO.ZA is an English, online medium catered to reach mass audiences. It celebrates love, life and intimacy. It is based on the successful international portal INTIMACY4US.COM and features free articles. INTIMACY4US.CO.ZA targets the affluent English and the massive Black Diamond market.

  • The INTIMACY4US.CO.ZA user:
    • LSM 5 to 10.
    • Male and female.
    • Various relationship levels including single, married, single parent, divorced and widowers.
    • Enjoys the availability of free articles on relationships, love, life and intimacy.
    • Applies the articles to his/her everyday life.
    • Is involved in the online community – taking part in discussions and sharing ideas.
    • Wants to learn and discover.
Target Markets
Afrikaans market:
  • Afrikaans people are responsible for 32% of the purcha ing power in South Africa and are the largest buying group of consumer products.
  • 34% of LSM 7 to 10 are Afrikaans speaking.
  • Afrikaans is the third most spoken home language in South Africa after isiZulu and isiXhosa.
  • 14.2 million South Africans read and understand Afrikaans.
  • The Afrikaans buying habits have developed/manifested into preferring and supporting brands that are advertised in their language and staying loyal to them.
Black Diamond market:
  • The Black Diamond market is responsible for 28% of the total spend.
  • There are 2.6 million Black Diamonds in South Africa.
  • On average the Black Diamond income is R5 900 per month.
  • 46% have access to some kind of formal credit.
  • Some 47% of Black Diamonds now live in the suburbs.
  • 87% love trying new products.
  • Is continuously transforming their identity and brands play a big role in their lives – they are not allowed to gloat but  they can ‘show’ and other will then talk.
Afuent English market:
  • The language commonly used by speakers of 11 ofcial languages is English.
  • English is understood by 76% of the South African population.
  • LSM 6 to 10.
Variety of Content
Understanding your body, mind & soul; inspiration from the Bible; expert advice on sex and relationships; get creative – try something new; INTIEM gives advice to readers questions; men’s and women’s health issues addressed; fun outside the bedroom; step by step romantic ideas to romance your loved ones; featured breakaway’s and spas; style yourself fabulous; INTIEM vir MANS. Health and relationship advice for women and men: How-to’s – be a better partner and lover; D. I. Y. tips; advice for the young couple that has just started dating to couples that are in their golden years; wellness advice on sex, love and life and healthy living; addressing some controversial and/or difficult issues (‘hot topics’).

Statistics and Demographics

Reader demographics as per email survey conducted in September 2009 amongst subscribers. 702 responses were captured.