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Monday, 18 Nov 2019

INTIEM ABC Press Release

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INTIEM challenges the status quo, are ABC figures enough?

One would need to be behind with the times not to agree that consumers today are everywhere on every communication platform available to us. Now more than ever multi platform advertising through more than one touch point (that communicates the same message) to a specific target market is much needed to move consumers from receiving a message to buying the product.

Magazines in their traditional format started offering added value to their advertising clients by giving them extra free or paid for exposure on their websites, but do these websites actually have enough substance in the unique visitor’s category to offer real advertising value? And what about social media? There’s no doubt about needing a social media strategy these days.

INTIEM magazine has pioneered in the realm of social media reaching a phenomenal 54 470 Facebook community (figure as on 26 January 2012) which makes for ranking  6th in South Africa in terms of overall media figures and 3rd in South Africa for the magazine category (

Being considered niche content with a defined audiences does this then make for part of the mass media mix if numbers where the sole criteria to base marketing decisions on? With a total “readership/community” of 83 873 (29 403 ABC print plus 54 470 Facebook fans) surely this should categorise for a higher than cost per thousand ranking?

Based on the above facts, and considering social media statistics, does the traditional qualifying method of “cost per thousand” by media agencies not seem to then be a primitive way of thinking? Are they limiting themselves and the brands they represent? Is ABC figures really enough when deciding on what’s best for brand reach? If social media is a crucial part of brand strategy it should also be counted in as part of the cost per thousand calculations, it makes perfect sense.

INTIEM offers clients a 360 degree approach to placing advertising – print, facebook, online and events. Customised marketing is best to describe it. Audiences solely on print and facebook figures combined immediately triples ABC figures giving you 3x more contact opportunities.  R.O.I with facebook in the mix supersedes any print expectations. Brilliant client testimonials show that this approach achieve results.
Some food for thought!

For more information please contact INTIEM on 0123477530 or visit or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .