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Monday, 18 Nov 2019

Newsflash 3

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In 2006, MEDIA IN AFRICA saw a need for unbiased reporting on energy related issues. They then took a brave step into providing an industry first. 25° in Africa: Africa’s Energy Magazine is a high quality publication which covers the whole gamut of energy sources, production needs, moratoria, and the topical issues surrounding these. As a totally independent publication that has no direct association with or affiliation to any institutions or governing bodies, 25° in Africa quickly became an award-winning publication with a cult following. Its unique tri-pronged focus: Africa, energy and the environment, has made it a sounding board for the African Energy Industry at large. Facilitator of an open-forum debate, the magazine is intent on growing its influence on the decisions surrounding Africa’s energy policy of the future. 25° in Africa provides meaningful, completely unbiased reportage on the major energy issues of the day throughout the African continent, with interviews and reports from international experts, governmental policy statements, statistical analyses, and the views of decision makers in industry. Hailed as being innovative, informative, well-produced and even somewhat controversial, 25° in Africa is actively supported by heavyweight advertisers and contributors. 25° in Africa was announced as one of only two South African magazines to receive a 2008 Tabbie award. The magazine received an Honourable Mention in the category, Front Cover Photograph for its edition entitled ‘The increasing oil price'. During November 2008, the publication’s staff secured a joint win in the 2008 eta Awards. Marlene Raubenheimer, the publication’s editor, and Jody Boshoff, the publication’s journalist, won the Women in Industries category. The eta Awards is an annual event sponsored by Eskom and endorsed by the DME which has been run for the past 18 years. The purpose of the awards is to promote the more efficient use of energy, as well as award exceptional efforts made by individuals and companies towards promoting the more efficient use of energy.